About us

With SwellMap you know you're getting quality forecast information.

SwellMap is one of the most accurate marine forecast services in the world. Unlike many marine and surf forecast websites who provide you with coarse global NOAA marine data, we take this further and deliver you with refined high-resolution data. This information captures current weather conditions using observational data and then calculates the forecast based on local features such as ocean depths and variances in the coastline like bays and headlands.

The system was developed by MetOcean Solutions, who provide high tolerance weather data to the offshore and marine industry in New Zealand and overseas.

Forecasts are generated using the latest atmospheric and oceanographic numerical models, and a large computing facility. All the weather information is made in New Zealand and is presented without human interpretation.

Date and times are provided in local time of that spot. Our forecasts provide 7 days of information which is divided up into 6 hourly blocks. The SwellMap forecasts are updated 4 times daily to keep you upto date with the latest conditions.

We are passionate about what we do, and aim to give you the best forecast experience. If you have any feedback or issues with this website please email us at feedback@weathermap.co.nz.